All Candidates Meeting – Question Form

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All Candidates Meeting – 2018 Municipal Election

Question Form

Please Note: Due to the large number of candidates, the format for the all candidates meeting will only allow written questions which will be juried by a panel and addressed to the candidates by the moderator. This will ensure that a variety of questions, rated by their importance to the community and balanced to all candidates, will make up the question period.

Questions should be addressed to all candidates within a position category and not to specific individuals. Speakers will be given strict time limits to make sure each speaker has an equal opportunity to speak and to air as many topics as possible within the proposed time frame.


Question Topic – Economic, Community Services, Governance etc.


Indicate the candidates addressed by the question.

Check all that apply. 

       All Candidates

       Mayoral Candidates

       Candidates for Deputy Mayor

       All Councilors

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Please make questions as clear and succinct as possible.










Offer any relevant details to assist the panel in the selection process.








Please share your comments to the Chamber on the event.

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