Board of Directors

President: Tine Beuchler, Conestoga Career Centre

“Hi, I am Tine Buechler and I work for Conestoga Career Center in South Huron . I am currently the Vice president of the Board of Directors for the South Huron Chamber of Commerce, and I have been on the board for three years now. I really enjoy working with the Chamber in accomplishing it’s labour market development objectives. Personally, being a member of the Chamber has increased my visibility in the community, it has helped me connect with more employers, and it has allowed me to share the information on the services I provide more easily”. Welcome to the Chamber and make certain you connect to learn about all the great things your Chamber is doing for you!

Vice President: Robin Glenny, 90.5 MyFM

“As a locally operating business myFM has always believed in being involved within the community and the South Huron Chamber Of Commerce is an important part of the community. myFM hopes to be able to share some of its expertise and our resources with the chamber to help in its growth and that of the community.”

Treasurer: Patrick Dale, PDBSC Patrick Dale Business Service Corporation

Secretary: Teresa Van Raay, The Whole Pig

“One of the main reasons for joining the Chamber was the opportunity to network.  We benefited by getting our name out there, however, the bonus was getting to know what services are available in our own area.”  

Director: Nathan Deboer, Syfilco, Ltd    

“My Father started the South Huron Chamber of Commerce, and I am excited to continue the family tradition as a next-generation business owner.”

Director: Wayne Gaiser, Wayne’s Dridek  

“I have been in the roofing business for over 20 years. For me, being on the chamber board is a great honor and responsibility. It gives me the opportunity to see our community in a new light and meet many new people.”

Director: David Looby, Bank of Montreal

Director: Councillor Ted Oke, Ward 3