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Thank you Lisa Thompson, MPP

Thank you Lisa Thompson, MPP

We would like to thank Lisa Thompson, MPP for answering the questions of our membership. It was a very informative session and very well received by the people attending.

Members enjoyed the lunch Hessenland Inn had created for us, and Lisa Thompson provided a great deal of information on the PC priorities for small business and for rural areas, amongst other topics.

We were a little unsure about how our Lunch & Learn with Lisa Thompson was going to turn out, but it was a success! As you may of heard, our Lunch & Learn had members of the Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation who were protesting outside Hessenland Inn. Which was something new for the SHCC to deal with. However, our Board Members, Tine Buechler, Robin Glenny and Teresa Van Raay did a beautiful job of handling the situation.

Robin Gleeny, Lisa Thompson, and Teresa Van Raay